Blog Posts

New Department Breaking Ground

By Ed Eldridge

The biggest change in the world of Hamilton Computer Service is how we have renovated the storefront to make for a more pleasing shopping experience. We have improved our displays and lighting for more ease of buying. We are also introducing Smart Products for the home. We’ve improved outreach to our customers through our Facebook page, where we regularly post sales and promotions.

As an extension of the computer repair shop we have created a new department called IT Solutions which addresses your networking issues, and installs Smart Home products. Whether it’s installation, troubleshooting, planning, repair, replacement, or just plain old maintenance we can take care of your technology headaches. We also offer remote assistance where we can fix your computer without you having to bring it to the shop. We are still the local computer store you have come to know and trust. Hamilton Computer Service takes over where your internet leaves off!

Having Adventures and Making Friends

By Andrew Kilian

From the desk of the newly minted Marketing/Sales Dept we’ve started several new initiatives to reach out to customers to bring up Cybernet1 and Hamilton Computer Services visibility. The layout of the Hamilton Computer Service storefront has been made more open and inviting to better display its wares. We’ve established a Free Wifi Hotspot at Hamilton’s Farmers Market (where we maintain a biweekly presence) in order to shake hands with the community, and also sent out a survey so we can better understand your needs. We’ve raised the visibility of IT Solutions as well as other products to make the public aware of the tools that we can bring to bear to make their lives easier. We’re also in the works of revamping our websites to be clear and concise.

Network News

By Christian Palecek

Beginning at the start of the year, the network team expanded its staff and has worked aggressively towards quality and performance upgrades throughout the network. Starting with the main backbone, several new redundant links have been installed to fortify and add capacity to each tower to ensure the best performance possible for our customers. Power systems at many of the towers have been outfitted with longer battery life and next-generation monitoring devices so any critical events can be handled quickly. New access points have been deployed at our tower sites to increase customer coverage, capacity and performance as well as a newly constructed tower located on the east side of the valley to better cover the North Victor, South Stevensville areas. The team is busy planning continual upgrades, better automation, better alerts and notifications to our customers and the company’s heavy expansion into fiber-optic service to the home.

Fiber Map

Below are the developments that Grizzly Broadband has selected to begin our installation of fiber-optic cable. By far the largest section we’ve chosen to break ground on is Bonanzaland just Southwest of Hamilton. We plan on laying fiber connecting Skalkaho to Hwy 93, segueing on Shady Lane to 2nd Street and finally arriving at our storefront.