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Sometimes you just don’t even know where to begin?

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Whether it's a Point to Point, a Relay in a remote hard to reach area, or a Networking issue that you can't solve. Our technicians will be available to assist you in your home or office.

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Hosted Phones

What exactly is a hosted phone? If you need more than one phone extension a hosted phone might be the solution for you. More than that, you can have phone calls waiting in a queue or go to a mailbox. Do you need your phone calls recorded for quality assurance? It can handle that too. Do you want your customers to select the department themselves? We can provide a phone tree to take the burden off of your receptionist. Get business done faster and better with hosted phones.

Smart Device Configuration

Did you pick up a new smart device, but can’t seem to make it work? Is that Ring doorbell not performing as expected? Are you perplexed by your Roku? Is your Google Home or Alexa not operating the way they’re supposed to? Our Technician can configure your device to work seamlessly with your home network. Don’t waste time trying to figure it all out, let our expert do what experts do; make it work so you can enjoy your life.

Custom Wifi Installation and Monitoring

Sometimes the wifi signal from the router doesn’t reach every nook and cranny of your home. It’s tedious when you know you have fast internet, but these dead spots create buffering when you’re trying to use the internet. For situations such as these, we can strategically place wifi devices that will allow the wifi signal to cover those dead spots. We’ll also personally monitor your home for outages and try to fix it remotely if possible. If not we’ll repair onsite at the next earliest opportunity.

Outdoor Wifi Solutions

More and more people are using their wifi outside the home on their porch, deck, or patio. With the router inside the home, the exterior walls can sometimes be a literal barrier to connecting to the wifi. Our Tech can make the wifi available outside on the veranda for maximum enjoyment.


If your network is too big and too complex for your resident in-house IT person to solve, then give us a call. Perhaps you just have a smart home that requires a more attentive touch. Maybe you need a server set up and you’re not sure where to start. Our techs will guide you to the best solution for your budget.

Network Upgrades and Installation

Is your network old and in need of an overhaul? Maybe you don’t even have one at all? Our technician will assess your existing system and design a new one to accommodate expansion in the future. He’ll replace or install wifi devices to provide the best coverage throughout the structure. He’ll make sure that the bandwidth requirements dovetail with the needed bandwidth consumption so there aren’t fits, starts, or stalls. This can also be expanded to guide you to whether a residential internet service or a dedicated point to point would best suit your needs.

Remote Relay

You’re off the beaten path, but need the internet just like everyone else. If you’re off the grid and need a solar-powered post mount that will relay internet signal from the side of a mountain down to your home we can make that happen. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Bear in mind Line of Sight to one of our towers is still required.

Dedicated Point to Point

Exclusively dedicated to you. With our residential service, an Access Point will serve a number of customers at the same time, but not with a Point to Point. The bandwidth available is much larger, but it is dependent on what the available tower can provide. As always an uninterrupted line of sight is required between the tower and the home or business.

Prebuild Planning

You’ve gotten away from it all, but you also want to bring it with you. As you have your home built, you want it complete with the latest amenities. Our technician can coordinate with your builders to ensure that ethernet ports are as common as electrical outlets. He can consult where the queue panel or server rack should go and how to make it work for the entire home. Putting your home network in before it’s finished will save you time, money, and quality of life by preventing renovations. Get it done right the first time.

Project Management

Do you have a project with a lot of moving parts? A bunch of fiddly little details that can’t be done by just one contractor? Think of us as a wedding planner for your project. We’ll take it all in and use our network of reliable subcontractors to make your dream a reality. Does it involve concrete repair? We’ve got that covered. Electrical work? We’ve got a guy for that. Let our project manager take the work off your hands and get the job done right.

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