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Sometimes you just don’t even know where to begin?

Grizzly Broadband will assess the situation and let you know what’s possible.

Whether it's a Point to Point, a Relay in a remote hard to reach area, or a Networking issue that you can't solve. Our technicians will be available to assist you in your home or office.

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Point to Point Internet

A Point To Point is similar to our wireless internet service except the link is exclusively dedicated to you. With our residential service an Access Point will serve a number of customers at the same time, but not with a Point to Point. The bandwidth available is much larger, but it is dependent on what the available tower can provide. As always an uninterrupted line of sght is required between the tower and the home or business.


If your network is too big and too complex for your resident in house IT person to solve, then give us a call. Perhaps you just have a smart home that requires a more attentive touch. Maybe you need a server set up and you’re not sure where to start. Our techs will guide you to the best solution for your budget.

Remote Relay

You’re off the beaten path, but need internet just like everyone else. If you’re off the grid and need a solar powered post mount that will relay internet signal from the side of a mountain down to your home we can make that happen. We’ve done it before and we can do it again.Bear in mind Line of Sight to one of our towers is still required.

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