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In rural Montana finding good internet can be a chore in and of itself

Grizzly Broadband has multiple options for internet service. We’ll help find the right one for you.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service

What is Fixed Wireless? It’s a method of delivering internet wirelessly from one fixed point to another. We have a network of towers with a coverage area from Conner to Huson (omitting Lolo and some parts of Missoula). The tower broadcasts the signal and we attach a dish to your house that catches it. An uninterrupted Line of Sight is required between the tower and the home. If there is any physical obstruction such as a tree or a house, then service cannot be provided. If the Line of Sight is clear then we can install the service.

What does installation look like? We mount a dish to the outside of your home, then drill a hole through the exterior wall of the house so we can thread a Cat5 cable through and inside the home connect it to a managed router that we provide at no additional charge. The router has four ports in the back that can accept an ethernet cable if you want to hardline your devices. It also broadcasts wifi that you can connect to; just like a coffee shop. If your home is sizeable or has dense material in the walls we have a Wifi Mesh solution that can improve coverage throughout your home.

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We have two choices for our Installation Fee

Pay in Full



Monthly Payments


and we have three Wireless Service Packages for you to choose from



Up to 10 Mbps



Up to 16 Mbps



Up to 32 Mbps

Speciality Wireless Products

Half Mile Program

The Half Mile Program is a special program available to anyone within a literal half mile distance of the tower above our 2nd Street storefront. This program can provide incredibly high speeds at competitive prices.

Mach 1


100 Mbps

Mach 2


200 Mbps

Mach 3


300 Mbps


Relay in a Box


Plus $15/month

Home Phone





Sometimes you don’t have a line of sight from your home to the tower, but your neighbor does. A Relay In A Box literally relays the radio signal from your neighbors home (or a strategically placed post mount) to your home or shop. They can make all the difference between reliable internet or none.

A Home Phone is pretty much what it says. If you have our internet service and you need a home phone we can provide it to you for an additional fee of $30. If you have a number you’d like to keep we can import it over from your current telephone provider to us. If you don’t we’ll supply you with one.

Perhaps you’re a new arrival in the valley and the home you’re moving into already has our internet. With our new Migration service, we can switch the internet over from the old account holder to you remotely from our office. There are some requirements to qualify so please call our Salesperson to see if this is right for you.

Is it time for the snowbird to head south for the winter? If you’re one of our internet customers Grizzly Broadband has a Vacation Hold program. Like a newspaper, we’ll place your account on Vacation Hold and charge you nothing until you return. Call our Billing Dept at 363-2183 ext 5 to put your account on Vacation Hold.

Fiber-Optic High-Speed Internet

Grizzly Broadband provides high-speed internet in a select few locations throughout the Bitterroot Valley. Our competitors build fiber to the box, and from the box to the home it’s the same copper lines that have been around for sometimes 100 years. The further your home is from the box the worse that service gets. Grizzly Broadband is the only internet provider in the valley that builds fiber to the home. So what you subscribe to is what you get. To see if you qualify for Fiber call us at 363-2183 or fill out the Fiber Request form here.

Warp 1


100 Mbps

Warp 2


250 Mbps

Warp 3


1 Gbps

*Subject to availability