February & March 2023

The days fly by when you are having fun is the old saying, I guess they fly by when you are waiting for information too.

Right at the end of February Grizzly Broadband received the ARPA Grant Agreement template and we have spent the past few weeks working through all the details of the agreement to make sure we have dotted those “i’s” and crossed those “t’s”.

As of today we are waiting for information to a few questions that we have posed to the state. We are currently estimated to potentially being construction somewhere late April. Keep and eye out here and the Grizzly Broadband social media sites, to see when the “town hall” meetings will be held for our project #1. We will do our best to give people a couple weeks heads up.

I know patience is not one of my virtues as with a lot of people out in this world, but the saying goes, “Good things come to those who are patient”.

We knew this process was going to be long and difficult from the start, hang in with us as we weather through the storm cells as they come at us. And stay warm, Spring is almost here.

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