January 2023 Update

The new year is upon us and we at Grizzly Broadband hope everyone has had a joyous holiday season.

As of this update Grizzly Broadband has received the letters of award from Governor Gianforte and will be proceeding to the contract with the State of Montana to continue moving forward in the process.

Right now our expected ground breaking date is later in March for our project GBRC 1 (Corvallis Area). Please keep an eye here for updates around town hall meetings that will occur in earlier in March.

We have posted the map below to outline our areas again. Right now we will be posting monthly updates or as things change. Our updates will gain frequency as we get closer to the beginning of the construction season.

ESTIMATED timelines*: GBRC 1 – 2023, GBRC 2 – 2024, GBRC 3 – 2025, GBRC 4&5 – 2026.
*These are subject to change.
NOTE: Black lines are for reference of roads and are not intended to represent anything other the geographic landmarks and therefore will not show in totality.

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